Stanford University

Committee Members


General Chair

  • Ben Fahimnia, The University of Sydney

Program Commitee

  • Yuanyue Hao, University of Oxford

  • Rupert Wegerif, University of Cambridge

  • Yuanyuan Fan, Academy of Art and Design, Tsinghua University

  • B. Llamazares, University of Valladolid

  • Luke Qiu, University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • Liang Guo, Zhejiang Univeristy

  • Yue Qi, Renmin Univeristy of China

Organizing Committee

  • Ni Lu, Chinese Academy of Social Science

  • Yue Qian, Hong Kong Baptist University

  • Xiao Ma, Peking University

  • Wenliang. Lin, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

  • Z.X. Wang, Beijing Language and Culture University

  • Q.Y. Yuan, University of Manitoba

  • Shuai Li, Beijing Foreign Studies University

  • Bin Hu, China University of Political and Law

Publicity Committee

  • Xiaolong Li, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

  • David Nix, Parsons School of Design

  • James Duncan-Brown, Univeristy of South Africa

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